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2017-12-06 22:43:00 (UTC)

Hump day boot

I was up early to get to the appointment about my foot early. I love this new doctor and facility. It is so close to me.
Got to use my new medicare and supplemental insurance. Hobbled out of there with a "boot" for my foot...they took
x-rays and nothing was broken....just inflammation. The boot is to help hold it steady while it heals. I go back in 2 weeks.
If it is not much better, he will give me a "shot".

All that and I paid ZERO!!! No co-pay...nothing . . .

So, finally I am taken care of medically or it seems. However...I will have less money and really need to get back on my
feet soon to start making some dang money. I NEED MORE.....

I have another granddaughter who will be in need of a car this year... and another one going to college.

So, I need a fund to help them out as needed if needed.

The boss and I were supposed to meet up this week. But I have not heard of him. It does worry me when
he goes quiet. I kind of still worry about his health even though he is apparently getting around better than
me at the moment. But having a liver transplant so new...things could happen.

I will be touching base with him tomorrow.

And yes, I have still been saying the wrong word at times in the middle of a sentence.......I have to exercise
my Brian and mouth connection speed some how. I think memorizing a poem.....or song lyrics....
might be a way to do that. If anyone has any suggestions? Please.....

I want to get a handle on this....I am not in a place where I feel comfortable speaking to a doctor...
do not want that on my record yet....would rather fix it before that is needed....

Did you know that if you have a medical history of being depressed....sad....or you are in some sort
of pain....recovering like I am...and your doctor ask or you write on one of those forms...that you are
sad, depressed about your current situation....that is on your record....and if you were to apply for
some jobs....or a concealed weapon permit....etc....having that info on your record could prevent you...
from those things or much must cover your ass.

Covering your ass.....LOL. Use a blanket tonight if you plan on being is getting cold here...
and I DO NOT LIKE IT......
I wish I lived on a tropical Island.

I hate cold.

But today has been slow......still not moving around too good. I almost lost my balance here at the house
but I caught myself with the cane. If that cane had not been in reach...I would have fell.

Yeah....I am that old now.