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2017-12-06 10:57:19 (UTC)

Ordinary day


Another day in my journey... I woke up very early this morning when I heard my brother arriving at home but I stayed in bed until 7.20 a.m. After that I had my shower and started my day.

I was hoping to go out today but unfortunately my mother's car is still in the mechanic and we will have to wait until tomorrow to be able to go out. We could go with the car I use but it is not automatic and my mother has a problem in her arm to change gears. So, another day at home.

Today, I will be starting lunch very early because my brother will have lunch with us. So, I have this task to do.

It is a beautiful day although it is a bit cloudy this morning. But I am happy it is not so hot at the moment.

Well, it is going to be another ordinary day in my life...

So, I wish you all good energy to start the day!