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2017-12-05 21:46:51 (UTC)

Being nurse maid today

He is sick as heck today. Sounds horrible. He had an appointment and was going to go to that one to have his eye checked...but I talked him
into changing it to avoid possibly infecting anyone else that may be in the waiting room...usually a lot of older people in there like us. At first, he was not I told him I was staying home to cook...and he could go on his on this time. He then had me call to cancel and reschedule it for Monday.

He then asked me to make my chicken soup today....I already had a chicken but intended to roast it today. So, I instead made a large pot
of chicken soup and my cornbread. Not Trish Yearwood's...mine. They love it here. I made him a smoothie while everything was
cooking...and washed a couple loads of clothes.

I called to see about making an appointment for myself to have my foot looked at. It is bothering me so much. The PT office called today asking
for me to come back in to be evaluated. But I did not want too. That is because of my foot. I called the same outfit I originally wanted to do
my knee replacement. But they did not accept my insurance at the time. Man, they were happy to make my appointment for in the morning...early in fact. I will get a trial run on this insurance.....and see how it is going to work. Hoping they can give me a
I get in my knee...I hate this. I really need a break from the pain. This is not a type of pain that the medication I have takes away either.
I am not sure what will happen. But glad to have this set....and hoping it is just a easy fix.

The soup and cornbread turned out great. I also took out my potato salad...putting it in a smaller was time to either eat it...or throw it out. I do not keep left overs more than 2 days. I was in my side of the house...and he must have been taking his dishes back into the remember the man is sick...coughing...sneezing....voice is scratchy sounding...etc.....I am walking toward the kitchen and
catch him taking his soup spoon eating out of the bowl of potato salad....instead of using the serving spoon some into his
plate. WHAT? HOLY SHIT....who does that? Only someone who is so should never turn your back on them.
I said nothing....just acted like I did not see him. When he left the room, I threw it away. What else could I do?

After tomorrow is over with and I have a handle on what fixing my foot will intel, I need to make an appointment with a
dermatologist too. My scalp is horrible. Itching like crazy....bumps popping up....bumps that bleed....and sore spots on my
head that feel like I been hit with a hammer. I do not have head lice. I know that. But something is going on....for real.
I hate it. I do need to get it sorted out......I am close to shaving my the doctor or whomever needs to see can see...
MY hair is falling out in clumps...but it is still very thick.

I will try to handle this next. It is something that is very distracting and bothersome.

Then colonoscopy and Pap smear.....

I know....I are so welcome....I am sharing too much....

Oh....then there is the dentist....and back to Physical Therapy....
or some sort of therapy......

we all need it.

Till then....I got you guys.....