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2017-12-05 05:04:35 (UTC)

Imaginary moment

Mood: Fine
Song: Hiding my heart away by Adele
Color: Peach

I have this imaginary moment in my mind in different circumstances and different situations but basically the same day dream of people coming together if even for a short time for a like purpose and nothing else matters.
Like the past, and the future don't matter, just that moment when we are all together and happy that's all that anyone is focused on.
I imagine that that's what heaven is like..... everyone is just together and of one mind.
No disagreements, no outsiders or cliques.
Just a sense of unity and peace.

I have had a few moments like this in my life, where all at least for the moment was good and everyone was in one place at one time for a certain purpose and that's what we were doing and did...and it was good.
Usually i've realized that those moments happen in worship.

though i've had a few when i was just talking and spending time with my family or friends...
Those moments where you feel like you are exactly where your meant to be and so are the other people and it's a warm and safe place in the moment and it's a warm and safe place in your memory.
I think that i'm a person that seeks out that feeling, seeks out that purpose and belonging and acceptance and just peace of mind.

It's a sweet thing when people who may be all different and all from different backgrounds and opinions and beliefs can come together for a little while and make something beautiful, even if you never speak to them again after.
I feel like that's what this Choir is.
A joining of people who otherwise probably wouldn't ever be.... make something beautiful together.
I'm nervous about tomorrow....it's gone from one song to three and i don't want people freaking asking me what i'm doing with my life and as i was talking with my dad earlier i don't want the awkward situations or their judgment.
But to do this For Doc is worth it.
To be a part of the the beginning and the end of something is worth it.
Here's hoping that things go well.
wish us luck and send some prayers my way please.