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2017-12-04 22:15:18 (UTC)

No it's not a phase 'cause it happens all the time.

What are the options when two people are on different levels?

I feel like no matter what I do, I'm prolonging a losing battle. Is it selfish to want to keep trying? Or should I just distant myself and move on? I don't want to accept that it's a battle I've already lost, because I care far to much. I want to be happy, I want us to be happy.

I guess I feel the same way I've felt with every person I've cared about, when it gets to this stage and work is required to maintain. It's always too hard to accept and just let go, so I pursue as hard as I can in order to make something work, even when I'm up against it.

If I stay and continue to do everything I can in order to make it work, I know that I'll be happy, that we will be happy. I know that it's not going to be easy, but is this just me being selfish?

I don't want to be alone, and I certainly don't want to hurt anyone, but when the other person doesn't feel connected and is not as far along as me, what choices do I actually have?

I miss you the second you leave my side. I completely trust everything that you do. So why do I feel this fight-or-flight feeling when you're not near me?

I want you to want me, I need you to need me, I'd love you to love me.