The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-12-04 13:36:06 (UTC)

I Still Like Him, But I’m avoiding him for a reason.

It turns out I still liike my one co - worker. But, there’s a reason i’m being so harsh with him. not even looking in his direction, because I know if I catch him looking at me, it’s just going to make forgetting about him that much harder.

I just don’t, want, someone to like me when they’re with someone else. I understand, you can’t help with what you feel. But, i feel like, if I’m rude to him, or give him mean a look, maybe he’ll loose interest.

I’m not going to be someone’s side girl again.

I want someone to be single and to like to me. so i dont have to deal with, is he going to leave her for me? which they never do. usually, they’re just confused, with what’s they’re feeling, and they just want some excitement. And I can’t go through that again.

I can’t be the girl they go to when they’re bored. because, they always leave, once, they get what they want. And I’m, too far gone emotionally to handle something like that.

I don’t care how much he likes, I don’t care, if he says he’s in love with me. I can’t be someone’s side girl. Even, though I know he does like me. But i can tell my plan is working. he knows i’m mad at him. I can feel the tension when I know he’s working.

seems kind of bitchy of me. I know. I’m doing this for his own good though. Well, more like for my own good.