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2017-12-04 12:13:15 (UTC)


Hello people!

First day of my holidays... I started the day slowly but not depressed. It is nice the fact I could get up later than usual. I had my breakfast but tried not to eat too much. I have eaten a lot lately and I am worried I will end up with a big belly which is not the case at all, at the moment. But my belly used to be flat but now I can see my belly... let's put in this way.

I vacuumed the house and then it is looking ok... I am also doing the laundry, so not a lazy day for me. And I prefer like that when I am active and feeling good.

Tomorrow we should be going out to do the Christmas shopping. Hopefully, I will be able to buy everything at once.

Today I don't need to start lunch so soon. But I am already feeling hungry because I didn't eat much. I might start lunch at 11 a.m. and then by noon it will be ready.

Well, hope to continue feeling good and positive.

Good energy to all and a very nice day as well.