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2017-12-04 00:20:59 (UTC)

Birthday special delivery

So, I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready. He came home early and I was glad to eat earlier so things needed to be done.
I heard our doorbell ring. SUNDAY afternoon? I saw a large white truck out there. But I told him to go to the door. We were
not expecting anyone today. I heard him repeat our house number saying yes it is. He said thank you and have. a nice day.
I heard the door shut and saw him walking toward me. Looks like I had a delivery. A package. Holy crap....who gets deliveries
on SUNDAY? Me I least I did today.

I opened the package to reveal it was the ball cap I ordered from the Trump champaign, dark blue...with his signature on it...and
the symbol on the was so lovely. I have never seen anyone around here wearing this. I was delighted to receive this
today....on my birthday making me feel so special. I expect more hats too. I was allowed to pick an American Flag, and several
other very nice hats by ordering this one....all free. We shall see.

I took some photos of myself wearing it and posted on facebook...bragging about it.
I am awful.
I am 65 though...and I will do say whatever I wish.

Old people got clout.....

and pain....

and forgetfulness....

and pee in the pants sometimes....

I actually almost had a more than that this morning...
got to the toilet just in time......hee see

No one knows this stuff..
I do not share these intimate secrets with anyone....but you guys.

The ham turned out great...potato salad too....and the biscuits...
I cooked some more from the ones I froze this morning. OMG

I am a better cook than I used to be
that is a given...

then again....wearing that hat maybe gave me chef powers....
you never know.

Feeling special tonight