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2017-12-03 19:23:52 (UTC)

Birds singing

Hi there!

I wasn't at home this morning... We went out to have lunch at the mall. I enjoyed a lot the food and being honest I was happy because I had good food on the table and I didn't pay for it. It was a celebration because my daughter didn't get any exams at school. My parents paid the meal for us. I love salmon. Here it is quite expensive. We usually pay for it but this time I saved some money.

My brother is not at home. This week he returns for his apartment and then the house will be a little bit empty. But most of the time he is with his new girlfriend so I barely see him. He just showers here and sometimes has breakfast.

I am happy the holidays have started for me. Being a housewife is also hard. All the housework to do. I am feeling good and glad the year is over. I feel that most of the time this year I was miserable and unhappy and only I know the reasons. I don't write everything here. There are things I keep for myself including my dreams.

It is a beautiful day here. It is sunny and the birds are singing... ha ha ha Summer! It is already hot. I don't enjoy it very much but we had good days and then it was nice and fresh the weather.

The end of 2017 is some kind of celebration as I said before... ha ha ha It is kind of a countdown for me and my husband. By the way, he was so tired this afternoon... He worked so hard. I get worried because he gets so tired. Well, at least he is better.

Here people are too worried about how you look and if you have money or not and how you dress and if you have a nice house or not. It is tragic sometimes in my opinion. I guess it happens everywhere. My husband keeps buying tickets for the lottery. Oh, you never know...

Well, tomorrow I will be back to my routine, more housework to do. Well, it keeps me busy anyway.

So, in good spirits I end this post... wishing you all a good Sunday!

Good energy!