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2017-12-03 16:22:14 (UTC)

Being 65 Years old

I am finally 65 years old. I lived this long. WHOA!! Hard to believe. If I knew I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better
care of myself. I feel alright I guess. The knee is doing much better and I can tell progress is moving slow but it is improving.
Once I get through this knee thing, I will start feeling much better for real.

Today, I made biscuits. I was gonna make egg sandwiches, but had no bread. So, I had to break out the flour, bitter and butter milk
to make biscuits...and sausage gravy and scrambled eggs. I also made a place of deviled eggs for later. Not sure...but probably
gong to make potato salad and bake a ham later. I will be going to the store soon.

He is at work....and left the sweetest birthday card for me. Heart warming. Beat the one I left him in Nov for sure. Mine was
funny and mentioned two hip replacements...which he has had....he never said anything about that card. I think he is expecting
more romantic stuff. So, I will try to work on the mush. LOL

Okay...that is about it today.