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2017-12-03 00:50:06 (UTC)

Slow day

I woke up tired. today. But I got started and vacuumed the house, straightened up the house as I do every morning. Doing so, makes it
less work. I washed the towels and some sheets, folded them all and put them away. Started working on the marking mail out and
got 1/4 of it done. Rode to the post office to mail what I finished. Then I rode to the fish camp to pick up fish for him and I...he gets
home around 6:00. One more day and he will be home all the time again. Not sure if he will ever go back to work. I really do not care.

I do want to see some progress around here. His truck is running good again...that alone is a blessing.

I talked to my daughter about a listing I was trying to get. I mailed the letter this week and they should have gotten it today.
I wanted her to call them and try to set up a time to meet them. I just do not feel comfortable speaking to people on the phone.
I get confused....even when I was talking to her today...I said November when I meant to way April. I said 85 dollars when I meant
85 thousand dollars....I am not sure what is going on. Am I experiencing one of those really old people things...dementia? Or worse?

Or is it I just do not talk to people very much at all and the process of doing it is just hard at the moment. I am not sure what
to think. She did not even notice it. I kept correcting myself....quickly. I will have to take notes on this....

I just wanted to help her get another we could do together. I figure these people are not living in the property...
they are renting. And I suspect as soon as it sells, they will be buyers. I had all the details worked out. Comps pulled.
She said she would call them. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I have all my files in order and ready to be audited if the commission comes knocking...which I do not
expect....but I am very organized..and like to be ready....leaves my time free for other seeking new transactions, marketing or
letters....etc. l love what I do...just wish I felt more confident.

Hell, I can barely walk or stay on my feet for very long....but I try.

I did tonight at the fish camp....had to stand outside tor ten and ten more inside. By the time I got home, I was
in pain.....and exhausted.

Ready for Sunday......