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2017-12-02 20:05:09 (UTC)

Choir reunion

Mood: excited, nervous
Song: Somewhere only we know by Keane
Color: Green

Okay so the Home school Group Choir director all through my School years is retiring he's doing his last concert Tuesday night what he and the current choir kids don't know is that there is a surprise of a lot of the A lot of the Alumni are coming back and we are going to sing a song.
So like we are all going to show up for the concert and he's going to be surprised just to see old familiar faces in the crowd but then we are all going to get up and preform a song AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I can't wait i love surprises and i may not have fit in the best at school and i probably still won't fit in the best now seeing some of these people i haven't in a long time but i'm still going because i love Doc and i loved choir when my anxiety wouldn't make me feel like i was going to just kill over....and if i have no one to talk to....well it wouldn't be any different than when i was in school, but i have some friends now that were there then who i wasn't friends with then so i feel like it'll be different and well i'm trying this whole new thing of saying yes to things if i absolutely can instead of no because i don't want to regret any more things that i didn't do.

This is probably(Hopefully) the closest thing to a school reunion a home schooled kid would ever get to and i do feel a bit of the nerves. But it's the end of an era and i don't want to miss the ending since i got to be a part of the beginning. First generation baby first generation.
I feel lucky to have been a part of the time that Doc was doing the choir, because these kids now will have to have someone new and i know that i got the best of it.

Cheers to Doc.