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2017-12-02 16:11:27 (UTC)

Losing faith in the human race

I swear man....I swear. After hearing they finally arrested the live in boyfriend of the 3 year old's mother in connection to her death....
It never really surprises me that these mothers will allow just about any damn one who gives them attention in the lives of their families
and close to their children.

I have a friend who over and over called about her boyfriend, who was ab alcoholic, on cocaine and heroine...whom she would fight with
break up with and get back together with to the point I just about told her to lose my phone number. Her own daughter who had a
small child and lived in the house too just got out of jail and is in rehab. Who allows this crap in their lives....she finally broke up with him,
but she has lost her home, custody of the grandchild and who knows what else....

readying about this today brought it all back. I would have never allowed any damn body around my children.....
and anyone even looked at them cross-eyes I would jerk a knot in their head....I walked away from a lot of people
because there would be one in the crowd that just did not seem right.

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD protect your little ones...they are the future....of this planet.
With out them we are doomed....