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2017-12-01 21:15:47 (UTC)

What we all want

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Here is a list of things that i think we as people all want deep down inside us the things that we need to live happy healthy lives.

1. Love
2. Acceptance
3. Peace of mind
4. A career that you love.
5. Family.
6. healthy non manipulative relationships.
7. To have your opinions and beliefs respected.
8. To have Friends that are always there for you.
9. Enough sleep.
10. To leave your mark on the world.
11. To not be labeled.
12. To feel Beautiful, smart and confident.
13. To know what you want in life and have direction.
14. To not be judged.
15. To know and accept yourself.
16. To make a positive difference in people's lives.
17. Freedom.
18. Equality.
19. Joy in all Circumstances.
20. Balance.
21. Fulfillment.
22. The Blessing.
23. Stability.
24. Passion.
25. Commitment.
26. Loyalty.
27. To feel like you are enough.
28. To Be appreciation.
29. Adventure
30. To learn about the things that we are interested in.