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2017-12-01 01:33:14 (UTC)

Thursday update

With all the closings, one tomorrow, 3 in Dec already scheduled and now 1 first week in January....things are moving right along for our
company. I am feeling so much better. Today was very good. I am able to stay on my feet much longer, walking with the cane just in
case, but many times here at home, I am ok without it. No PT for me for a while and maybe no more period. I am doing just fine.

I will be going to meet with the boss next week, meeting him at his house and we are riding to Matthews to take a look at these
condos. I told him they all seem very nice, but all of them have been on the market a while. I am familiar with the area and think
they are close to downtown; but something is going on to have them all still on the market this long. Maybe the price is too high
for the area? But to feel better about mentioning them to our client, we need to go investigate.

I called this new attorney today trying to get in touch with anyone....and no answer, The mailbox was full so I could not even leave
a message. I sent an email. One...she sent us a copy of a Earnest deposit acknowledgement and a copy of that check...with all
the information visible....but it was not even for our transaction....she sent us someone else's ED acknowledgment and copy of
a check. Did not bother to black out account number either. Since then, nothing. I am visualizing a lean, blonde, heels, lots of
hair, makeup, laughs a lot....on her cell phone constantly...etc....but no professional in a law office would send that to the
wrong people...and I mean she sent it to two of us here and two people from another company. WHOA.....

I have a problem with people that can not do their damn job right....or at all.

Handling that tomorrow too.