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2017-11-30 16:40:31 (UTC)


Good afternoon!

I am so happy that tomorrow I will be officially on a holiday...ha ha ha... The Christmas celebration at school was really nice. My mother and I enjoyed it a lot. It didn't take so long and around 10.00 pm we were at home. I felt happy that I wasn't alone at school and I had some company. Most of the people were couples but there were some grandparents as well.

There is a feeling of freedom somehow in my heart. I will explain. Everyday taking my daughter to school has made me feel tired because I had to get up early. I still remember the joy it was in the beginning when she was three years and a half. I was expecting to make a lot of contacts but it was not like that. Every family has already a unit or some people they know and enjoy being around. Anyway, yesterday I didn't talk to anyone from my daughter's class.

This morning we went to the supermarket and we had breakfast there. As always I enjoyed it but the coffee was too strong for my taste. Our fridge at home was empty. Tomorrow I will prepare a lazagne for us and my brother will have lunch here. I feel so happy we have food on the table.

My husband is at work at the moment. I guess he will return home tired as most of the times. But he was fine when I spoke to him. At least, he doesn't show any sign of depression. He just carries on with his life in England. I am the one who suffers and feel miserable almost everyday. Maybe my expectations about life are to high and then my reality too low... ha ha ha... :) Then I suffer.

It is cloudy right now. It is not raining and it is pleasant for me. I have tried a recipe of Christmas biscuits but It didn't I was getting busy in the kitchen but I will have to try it again another time.

Well, I am going to find a couple of things to watch on you tube. See you soon...

Good energy!