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2017-11-30 07:18:52 (UTC)

Just Talking

Mood: Better than earlier
Song: Down in the valley by The Head and the Heart by
Color: Red

I don't know what i want to write but i know that i want to write something right now, specially after earlier today with the entry i wrote, and it being very intense and negative and just very upsetting.
I'm not saying that that mood has completely past me because it hasn't but right now at almost one in the morning life seems a bit brighter than it did earlier while the sun was still shining.
I had several writing suggestions from My vampire friend and i might write on those at another time but right now i don't know i feel i kinda feel like just talking, just to say what's on my mind even if it's just random thoughts and stuff...
like the fact that i'm at almost 500 entry's and for a person that has trouble sticking to something that's an accomplishment which i'm proud of and well the writing has been good for me, it's very much a healthy outlet for me when other methods i sometimes would use or sometimes still use aren't as much a healthy outlet for feelings and thoughts no matter what kind they are good or bad.
But yeah...500 entry's that's crazy.
and i know i don't mention this very much because it's not why i write but i have over time gathered several people who follow this Diary and well if you read and enjoy my words....i just want to say thank you because it's just a crazy thing to me that people would want to follow and read what i have to say...specially my vents and frustrations and well me when i'm not that likable because that side comes out here as well as the positive and the fun little tags and writing challenges i do....
speaking of which i will be doing another writing challenge starting December 1st in which i will be writing every day in December leading up to the new year.

Goodness...the new year while there are a couple of things i am looking forward to in 2018 mostly i'm just shocked and amazed at the fact that 2018 is even a thing lol it sounds weird doesn't it?
I don't know the answers to all the questions i have.... i don't know the purpose behind all the things that have happened and all the struggles and pain that i have been through and the struggles my family and my friends have been through because they have been through hell and back the same as me....or worse in some cases....or why you out there have been through the things that you have and are going through but i do know that we were born for such a time as this, we have reason and hope and purpose even in our darkest moments.

I think i want to start using some British Slang in my vocabulary...Like B and i have started calling each other Chummy which i changed her name to on my phone and when she called me just now and it came up it's one of the only things that has made me smile today.

Phone call with her then sleep.