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2017-11-30 06:27:40 (UTC)

The Break Up

Sent him a long paragraph the other day he ready it but never responded. I know he's been lyinf ti me this whole to me about not having any friends. And I was stupid emough to believe it. What has gotten into me? This is not like me at all. Now I have to find a certain way to break up with him like I said before. I thought he was the one but I was so so veey wrong. Marquis has been giving me some very good advice on relationship problems. Do I even deserv Anthony? Probably not. I wonder how many girls have he been talking to besides her. He's nothing but a cold hearted liar. I can't even believe that I took him back to even think that he's changed. But in all reality he's always gonna be the same guy that I met in the beginning so like they said I might as well forget about him. I know theirs someone better out their for me and I need to stop rushing into relationships that aren't even worth having. To be honest if he broke up with me I would be thrilled because I can be able to find someone better.than him in the near future. I told Grams about me not wanting to watch one of the movies that she rented from redbox and she told me that I was being and I quote "ungrateful" and also saying that she will not buy amything from redbox for me ever again when I made the face when I said I didn't want to and alp of a sudden she gonna bring up me in needing a job. Like what does any of this have to do with me in wanting a job but its somehow mt fault for not wanting to watch a movie that you rented from redbox. In tired of people throwing that at me. I swear my brother is so loud. Like damn. Mom spoil him to much. Now their saying their gonna get rid of MY dog if he doesn't have a leash on because its "against the law". I've seen plenty of dogs and cats walking around with no leash and yet they do nothing about it. This is bullshit to me if they don't leave the front door open maybe he wouldn't ( my dog) have to be running out all time. But its not like they give a fuck anyways or even care even if he's MY dog. Well I guess he broke up with me and responded with was bye and so I cried for a good 30 min and unfriended him. He never cared anyways. So you can say that I'm single ince again. That's what I wanted and now that I've got it until someone better comes along. So apparently he done forgot who I was when I called him ans asked him does he wanna be with me he says that we are but he also says that he wants to be by himself. I doubt that we're ever together anymore for real. He doesn't give a shit about me so why should I I'm just gonna do me. Called Dad. since he's coming up here this Saturday morning to spend time with us and me because of my birthday. I asled him can we go to do re mi karaoke and he said that I'll see. I hope so. So fingers crossed. I have a habit of saying that a lot lately. Oh well. Well its official he broke up with me. I mean that's what I wanted right. Am I okay with it? Nope. Because this was the second time that it has happened. But this time it will not happen as in I blocked him from both messenger and Facebook ams as well as Snapchat. He even promised that we were gonna stay together forever and always but that turned out to be a Big FAT LIE!!!!! I'm so stupid for wanting him back and to think that he has changed when reallt he hasn't ans he called me annoying just because I wanted his attention like the fuck dude but no worries you will regret this they always do. It may not be today or tomorrow but trust me you will.... Asshole. We weren't perfect for each other to begin with. I seriously need to stop falling for guys so easily but at least I'm talking to Marquis but we're just friends. He claims thay he likes me but I told him that I just want to be friends with him and he seems to be okay with it. I think. I hope. I never thought I be okay wirh him breaking up with me tje 2nd time. Now this time I know not to fall for guys so easily. I've only come to Marquis T. is when I needed advice and he honestly gives pretty good advice. I'm suprise he's single. I mean me and James are somewhat still talking but not as much as we use to but its whatever. My love life sucks. But hopefully someone better will come along. Hopefully but then if not.... Oh well.


The Forgotten One