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2017-11-29 17:13:13 (UTC)


Aol was messed up yesterday where I could not log into the webpage to send or view emails....however, I would receive them on my phone. I had to forward them to GMAIL so I could open the attachments or just read the emails. When I saw that we had more of the same today, I went to my fax website and changed the email address to receive them there instead. Thank God for Gmail...

So, today; I am off my feet, taking it easy trying to push the healing progress to avoid pain. Only doing minor things around here...
and really enjoyed the chicken soup I made yesterday....with Trish Yearwood's cornbread. Lord have mercy....the guys loved it too.
So, today I will heat some of that up for lunch...probably make a small pizza for the guys and plan on left overs if they need more
than that.

I have already started my addresses.......all I have to do now is check to make sure none of them are listings already and then
begin the addressing of post cards. I will not mail hem yet...but I will after our listing next week.

My daughter is already getting offers on her latest listing...I hope it closes before the end of the month....that would be awesome
for her.... is rest day for me and I intend to do range of motion is pretty good too...I make sure to bend my leg
and walk with it straightened out toward the they taught hurts less and less and I am hoping that my
leg will be getting used to this new knee soon so I can have my life back.

Hoping everyone has a great day.....I plan on it too.