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2017-11-29 15:47:30 (UTC)

Bits and pieces


The cleaner just arrived and I am very happy about it. The weather is nice... It is sunny. Sometimes it is partially cloud. Not so hot as I predicted... ha ha ha. In the end of the afternoon, we will be able to get ready to go to the Christmas celebration we have at night.

Being honest I would not like to go to the school tonight but I will because it is important for my daughter. Only because of that.

I did some housework and then cooked lunch early in order to have the meal ready once I came back from school. Not a great day today but I keep going.

My husband is OK. Enjoying his time off. I think that he might come next year we don't know. Let's see it.

Well, nothing new to report so I hope to enjoy my time out tonight.

Good energy!