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2017-11-29 10:14:22 (UTC)

Ramp being built

Good morning!

I am much better this morning. I hope to continue like that. Sometimes things seem to be so hard for me that I don't know what to do to get better. Today my hope is coming back again. I don't feel miserable.

Since my parents moved I feel a bit strange because I have to be on my own with my daughter. Of course, they check on me but it is not the same when they were my neighbours. Moreover, there are two builders here doing a wall to separate the houses and it seems they never finish it. So, it is difficult to get out of the house and I have to open the gate manually. Then, today they were supposed to build a ramp exactly where I have to pass with the car. I got really annoyed with that... and depressed because I feel restricted all the time.

It seems my brother soon will be returning to his apartment as his ex wife is going to move to another apartment. I quite enjoyed the time he spent here. He almost didn't bothered me. It has been nice to be able to have my brother a bit close to me.

On the other hand, I have my parents here at the weekends and some days during the week. Tonight my mother is going with me to my daughter' school as we will have a Christmas celebration for the parents. It is a bit painful to go with my mother because ideally my husband should go with me. But that is my reality now.

So, tonight I won't be at home. Soon, I should cook because I have to collect my daughter from school. Well, just wanted to say I am much more positive and then life moves on with or without having my husband here.

Once again, good energy and peace... I need some peace in my heart.