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2017-11-29 02:34:13 (UTC)

A letter to a Dead friend

Mood: thoughtful, Nostalgic
Song: Talk me down by Troye Sivan
Color: Dark purple

Dear Friend, i was missing you today....
I was frustrated about the work that my Dad was doing and his health issues and how he shouldn't over do it, and how the people here don't seem to care or understand....and i remembered that you always did.
We had many conversations on the subject...you were one of the few people i felt like i could completely confide in when it came to this...and it's because i knew you cared and you did everything in your power to help him to make things easier on him if you could.
And you would always ask me how he was really doing.
And if i was scared or worried or upset about it i could talk to you and you were there for him, for me, for our whole family and i guess i just wanted to thank you for that...because it meant the world to me.
I had such a strong desire to talk to you about this today but of course i couldn't.
I miss you.
I miss being around people who understood.
I miss not feeling alone.
I wish that there were still people here closet that could stand up and protect who should be protected...
But there isn't anyone anymore.
and i'm tired.