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2017-11-29 01:35:45 (UTC)

Long slow day...

It started out with phone calls, people wanting things they should already have....and a broker that feels they do not have to
complete a document if it makes no sense. Well, had to set them straight and get things back on track. Looks like these are ready
to close and we should not have anymore roadblocks.

So, at the end of this week....we will start working on the large lake home and trying to get that man into a condo. His family liked
the idea of him selling that large house. It is too big for him and a condo sounds great. So, everyone is happy. I was hoping that
is the way it would go. So, now, I can finish my marketing project for that neighborhood...which I will not mail out until I get
my sign in his yard.

My knee ached bad today....I did not take a pain pill. I needed to stay focused. I did go to the store and it was no fun at all.
I got a lot done here early before it got to throbbing so much. Tomorrow, I will have very little too do, and I will be taking it
easy. MY marketing project can be complete while I am in this recliner with ice on my knee. I am very disappointed that it
hurt still. I was hoping I would be turning cartwheels by now. But that is not gonna happen.

I called the garage about his truck. I wanted to tell them that we are not bringing it this week. He wants to take it down there
after his job ends so he can talk to them. The guy told me to be sure to have him bring it down...cause he has been reading
up on the truck, and the repairs and he wants his crew to check the cylinder to see if it is leaking. That might be what is wrong.
OH BOY.....

Then last bight...oh my lord....I had already posted my whining entry about us running out of money and not having enough
to get anything done......BLA BLA BLA. That is not true. We got our last bill for the surgery and mailed it we have
no bills for about 4 weeks. SAVE SAVE SAVE......and when he ends this job, we can start on the sliding/windows and the yard.....
then the floors and hoping to have it all done by summer anyway.

He wants to take the pool down. I am not sure yet. I hate to take all that decking down after he worked on it too long....
Maybe take out the pool....and board it up.....making a floor....and put a couple picnic tables and outdoor kitchen up there
where the pool was...maybe a hot tub? We have a large 24 ft round pool with decking all around it and privacy wall all
around it. I hate to loose that privacy....the pool can go though. Time till tell.

He should me the bank statements and we had more than I was thinking...even paying everything off....and now, that money
goes back into the bank or stays and grows instead of paying it out. We are saving about 2k a month with things paid off.
So, I am feeling better.

I may have to break down and buy a damn wheelchair....something will have to be done...and I am not sure if I
can handle all this till Feb. Which I had agreed to give that much time.....we shall see. Maybe taking it easy
for a few days.....we will see.