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2017-11-29 00:25:36 (UTC)

September 28,2017

Dear future me,

Mood: Doubtful

Just knowing to even think about him kills me inside. You know Anthony.... Anthony S. but it was for the best. I mean the guy used me for heavensake. I wish him the best of luck. Knowing that he'll find a girl who's just as crazy as him. And Whats even worse is that he lives in the same area as me but I try not to dwell on it as much as I use too. I mean I should be happy. Haven't gotten the chance to talk to Anthony B. the other night. I mean we did jusr not as much as we use too. He seems like such a great guy. I suppose. I doubt that I'm getting a phone anytime soon. I just don't see it happening. Fingers crossed. And as well as me getting my ID. We'll just see what happen. All of this thinking is making my head hurt even more. I overthink waayy to much when I shouldn't be. I keep overeating. No wonder I feel fat. It feels like I'm already am.


The Forgotten One