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2017-11-28 19:33:16 (UTC)

Bit better


I felt bad I complained about my parents. They phoned me and told me they would collect my daughter from school. I don't understand why sometimes things are so difficult for me. In the end, they are my family... Right now, I feel that maybe we just need sometime apart and everything will be fine.

My husband bought two tickets for the lottery... It would be nice to win some money... Imagine if it was a lot... I cannot even conceive such thing because it would really change our lives. He is all right and he is watching a football game.

I am feeling less miserable I would say but I am not very interested in the housework. I cooked as I promised and I did another load of laundry. Today I was not in the mood for housework... I wish I could only break the routine...

Tomorrow I hope the cleaner comes and then things will be better I guess.

Well, I am a bit better and hopefully things will improve anyway.

Good energy!