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2017-11-28 11:03:41 (UTC)

Fed up of housework

Hi there!

I am writing today because I am feeling miserable. I want a break from everything! I know this is no good and I must confess this is related to my parents. They are coming too often to my house and this is taking a bit of my freedom somehow. My father now is a bit bored he has to take his nap in my daughter's bedroom. I think it is just fine as it is not going to be forever... Soon, my brother will be leaving anyway. Honestly, I don't want to talk about it.

So, It is a sunny day here in Brazil. I am happy about that. I hope to cook something easy today as I will have to collect my daughter from school as well. I won't be able to write a lot but I hope to recover from this episode of depression.

I am doing some laundry and I need as I said to cook as well. The cleaner is due to come tomorrow as she didn't turn up on Monday. The house needs cleaning. I needed to vacuum the house but I am so fed up that I don't feel like.

This morning I spoke to my husband and he is just fine. He always says to me I have to carry on and I feel I need some help as well. Today I am feeling like that. Maybe I should change it. Well, I must go and start cooking again. I am so tired of cooking but I will do it anyway.

I guess I really need good energy today. So, for me and for all of us GOOD ENERGY!