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2017-11-27 23:15:19 (UTC)

Bills and mishaps

So, as ya'll know, I have recently signed up for medicare parts A and B and a supplemental along with an additional drug insurance.
I have already received the cards for both medicare and the supplemental policy, so today, I receive a letter about the drug policy which
is kind of like a drug supplemental. But I received two letters with two different account numbers and a card to go along with one of
the account numbers...both letters sighted a different amount for that policy. The account numbers were almost alike. I will have to
call them to tomorrow to explain it or tell me what is up.

Then like that was not enough aggravation; I got a bill from the doctor that did this surgery. Almost 5K. WHOA!! I was thinking that it was
done....I thought our out of pocket and deductibles had been met and that included this bill. Am I getting scammed? Should I call them
about the balance due to be sure?

When he come home tonight, he said we will pay it. And he was expecting it to be close to that much.

Oh well. 5K out of our remodel fund.....out the window...the old window.....drafty old window....

I rode to Walmart to pick up his prescription refill. It was not too crowded. Only one lady in line. But the cane
was not enough to keep my weight off this leg and I almost fell in the of those shooting pains happened
while I was standing there. I swear. Is this ever going to end?

I stopped in to the grocery store too, but used the handicap cart. It was still hurting....I would have to stop, get
off the cart and reach something that could not be reached from the cart. By the time I checked out...I was
hurting so bad. I seriously wanted a cold beer. I was afraid I would end up in a ditch. So, I came on home....
used my folding cart to bring in comes in handy on days like this. I did not go to PT today. I was already
in pain, and did not see any reason to make it worse. I have no more PT's scheduled either.

I am just going to try to do it myself....and hoping that taking it easy will help the healing begin.....I need to stay off it...
for real. I do have good days...or I used too. Been a while.

I am also wondering what to do next? What if it does not heal good and the pain does not stop? Should I go back to
the same doctor? I am not feeling comfortable doing that. I really would like to go to one closer to home...that uses
a hospital close to home too. I am not too crazy about going back to a doctor that has so much going on it takes
2 hours to get into an appointment like last time. I am about done with the rock star doctor.....for real.

I had one picked out here but my insurance was not accepted by him. If I go to him now....about the other knee...for
shots....and begin a relationship...and ask him if he can take a look at this one or if I should go back to the original surgeon.

Anyway...I got a while...yet. I am giving it 6 months. So, at the end of Feb.

Time to take it easy.