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2017-11-27 11:12:09 (UTC)

Getting over it

Hey! Hello!

I survived the long Sunday I had or better to say we had my daughter and I. I took my daughter to school this morning and then came home. My brother was here before I left. He seemed OK. He looked tired this morning but he was fine though. I guess.

My mother might come this afternoon here but I am not sure of that. I enjoy it but I would like to be alone this afternoon. Just two of us... My daughter and I.

I haven't spoken to my husband because he is at work. I still worry about his work. I think it is too heavy for his age. I hope he copes with that. Yesterday he had twisted his back and was complaining about it.

I am OK but can't wait for our holidays. It is already 9.04 a.m. and I am not inspired to clean the house. I have done some laundry yesterday so today I am a bit free. The cleaner won't come today just on Wednesday. So, I should vacuum the house but I am not in the mood today.

It is still difficult for me to be alone but I am doing my best in order to get over it. Being honest, I would like to go out this morning but I am at home right now. I am not so depressed but I am feeling a bit down at this moment...

Well, I should return to my routine now. So, good energy to all of us!