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2017-11-27 02:13:16 (UTC)

Going with the flow

Mood: Tired but content
Song: None but The last time by Taylor swift and Gary Lightbody is stuck in my head.
Color: Peach

I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, my own fault but still made getting up today difficult, it was one of those day's where you want to fake sick and stay in bed sleeping.
I didn't do that though.
On the upside i didn't have to watch incredibly hyper toddlers or Less than one year old babes this morning even though it was my turn (the Babies are easier than the toddlers in my opinion lol.

I hung out with Kim this afternoon and then got in a little bit of a nap before having to go to the Business meeting tonight which as they always do...felt extremely long but it wasn't too bad....only one minor annoyance for me happened which may be a record. haha.
No over all Today has been a really good day spent talking and being around good people.
Right now i'm eating dinner and writing this entry just very content.
Waiting to see the Vampires Reaction to his latest Entry...lol

So at it is Sunday here are the things i am thankful for:

1. Faith
2. Music
3. Internet
4. Friends.
5. people that are like minded.
6. My family
7. Laugher
8. God
9. Love
10. My home
11. Memories.
12. The ability to dream.
13. Weirdly nice weather for the end of November.
14. Growth.
15. Change...and the tearing down of the old to build the new.
16. Protective instincts.
17. My siblings.
18. Freedom
19. Time
20. Adoption

Today ended up being nothing like i imagined it....but that's what life is like you've got to roll with the punches and go with the flow....

also side not Dwight is leaving, he's leaving, he's leaving and i don't think i've been so happy about something in a while....ahhhhhh tonight was his last Business meeting(by his own words and he's only got a couple more Sunday's left and he'll be gone....I think God did that.
He's making a way for things to grow and be better and i think he's removing the things and or people in the way of that.