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2017-11-26 18:28:15 (UTC)


Hi there!

It is really hot today and I must be honest I don't enjoy the weather when it is too hot. It is sunny and I bet it is going to be like that tomorrow.
And talking about tomorrow... I have to get up early again to take my daughter to school.

My parents were here in the morning and we had lunch together. I just felt sorry my parents ended up arguing again and that is not nice for all of us.

So far, it has been a boring day. I usually don't like Sundays. I wish I could go out and do something more interesting at the weekends.

I have spoke to my husband and he was really tired because he had to work hard. I wish I could somehow help him financially. In fact, I do. But it is not enough. The expenses here are so high all the time.

As I don't have a lot of news I just wanted to say hello... See you soon...

Good energy to all of us!