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2017-11-26 05:14:56 (UTC)

Reasons to stay alive

Mood: I don't even know
Song: Sleeping at last By Saturn.
Color: Green

Reasons to choose to stay alive, and the things you'll miss if you don't.... In no particular order...
but i do want to say that...all isn't as it seems and if you are feeling hopeless than you aren't alone and you don't have to continue feeling the way you do....there is so much more to life than just this part that you are currently on.
there is still hope and a purpose to you and your life and a reason for you to be here.
You are not worthless or someone that isn't important, someone the world could do without... You have things that you are meant to do a person that you are meant to be....and no that's not always easy, life is an up hill climb but it's worth it...cause the view is great and the journey if done right makes everything worth while.
so here are some reasons to stay alive.

1. Love
2. Laughter
3. Family...the ones you already have, and the one's that you could have in the future.
4. New Friends.
5. Old Friends.
6. Music.
7. Creativity...and making something with your own hands.
8. The next Sunrise.
9. Your next Birthday.
10. Christmas morning.
11. Seeing the beauty of freshly fallen snow.
12. Traveling and seeing the places you want to see.
13. The next season of your favorite show.
14. The sound and smell of Rain.
15. Succeeding in what ever it is your currently struggling to, or learn.
16. Your next paycheck.
17. Weddings...and seeing the two become one.
18. Holding a baby and seeing new life.
19. Hearing a new song for the first time and it speaking to your soul.
20. Private Jokes with your friends.
21. The traditions you have with your family, or the traditions you could start.
22. Deep conversations with someone who gets you.
23. Smiling.
24. Writing, and getting to tell your own story of how you overcame your struggles.
25. Learning new things everyday.
26. The new movies you haven't seen yet.
27. The amazing books and stories you haven't read.
28. Graduating High school, or college.
29. Getting that tattoo you want.
30. Taking pictures of all the amazing things in your life to save as memories.
31. Driving in your car with the windows down blasting music.
32. Late night adventures.
33. Healing with time.
34. Falling in love/ Making love.
35. Having a Good Dog.
36. Sleeping in
37. The sleep after knowing you worked hard and did your best.
38. Kicking old habits.
39. Reaching mile stone birthdays, 13,16, 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80
40 Getting married and having wedding Anniversary's.
41. Comfy clothes that you love.
42. Bonfires
43. Growing as a person.
44. Standing up for yourself.
45. Forgiving yourself and other people.
46. Proving other people wrong.
47. Kissing.
48. Eating your favorite food and dessert.
49. Seeing your favorite Band/Singer live.
50. Seeing that there can be good in the world.
51. Being a part of the good in the world.
52. Randomly bursting into song and dance.
53. Laughing till you cry.
54. Learning that Prayer works.
55. Breathing.
56. Defending what you believe in.
57. Being there for someone you love when they are in a bad place.
58. Discovering yourself as you grow older, as you change.
59. Facing your fears.
60 Beating Anxiety and living your life.
61. The smell of and drinking Coffee in the morning.
62. The warmth of the sun on your skin.
63. Good long showers.
64. Seeing the ocean and being amazed by it.
65. Checking things off your lists.
66. You are loved.
67. You are not alone.
68. The Memories of people that are already gone that only live on through you.
69. Letter, notes written words.
70. Swimming and how it feels to float.
71. Adrenaline Rushes and feeling like flying.
72. Fantasy.
73. Coming home after being away for a while.
74. Surprises weather big or small.
75. Watching your friends and family succeed and do well and being happy for them and proud of them.
76. Being proud of yourself.
77. Just Baked anything, the taste and smell.
78. Trying new things that you haven't even considered yet.
79. Getting out of your comfort zone because it's a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.
80. The Unique relationship you have with your Siblings, cousins any family you grew up with and the stories you have.
81. Seeing the world reborn in spring.
82. Flowers and their own unique Beauty.
83. Bantering back and forth with people.
84. Sarcasm.
85. Faith.
86. Random acts of Kindness weather you are doing them or receiving them.
87. Poetry, reading it, writing it, speaking it.
88. Figuring out what your personality is.
89. Going to a park and swinging no matter how old you are.
90. Climbing a mountain or many mountains.
91. Getting noticed in a good way.
92. Learning to see beauty in all people... because we are all beautiful.
93. People watching and making up stories as to what that person's life is like.
94. Day dreaming and night dreaming.
95. Loyalty when it's real.
96. Singing...in General (even if your horrible at it)
97. Time heals all wounds.
98. Your strong enough to get through whatever life throws at you.
99. Motivation....in what ever form it comes.
100. Technology and all the things we are able to do and see today.
101. Your memories.
102. You have met/ will meet like minded people in your life.
103. If i a stranger cares about you, not only does God but also some of the people in your daily life.

So....Don't you dare give up now...You've already come so far.