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2017-11-25 23:49:38 (UTC)

Slow Saturday wearing my Saturday top too

I love this Wendy Williams Saturday Top...I have one for Sunday too. Feels like it cost hundreds of dollars but it did it
at HSN. I am addicted. Got a text from the daughter, she has another listing. Thank Goodness....we need another one. She
sent me all the documents too. I wanted to get out today myself, but wanting too and feeling like it are two different things
these days.

I was tired all day. Did not start hurting too much until just a few minutes ago. I had already showered and put on my
work out clothes so do my exercises. He went to pick up fish and I was planning to do all that after I ate. I know I have
to take a pain pill to do that is done now. I will be up and on it when I finish this entry.

I received my insurance card I am set. Also get the new checks I ordered and they will work much better than the
other ones. Everyone here is happy with them.

He only works two more weeks. His truck goes into shop again this week. I hope they can fix that damn piece of junk.
He has paid a LOT of money getting it worked on since he went to work. At the rate, we will not have the money to
do a damn thing promised. But I should be used to that. Not even sure why I even make plans to be impressed anymore.
I know one thing. There will BE NO ONE visiting here for cookouts or anything such as that....until he gets
someone out here to do something to this yard, and the outside appearance of this house. The siding and windows
and landscaping. I will stop anyone at the door and tell them they can not come inside,.....and run their asses off....

He already knows how I feel and he best remember it. If I am embarrassed to have friends pull into the driveway
he should be too. I lived in a nice place when I was a single parent....before I met him. I never lived in a damn dump...
NEVER...and I was poor. We shall see how this plays out. He might be signing up for some more work....

at least him working he is not running to the store Dailey and LOWES HARDWARE or Home Depot bringing back tools...nails...
paint...GOD ONLY KNOW WHY...he never uses any of it. If something happened to him...I could make a mint selling that

Never mind. I will let him live.

He is getting way too old to go work such long hours. He takes blood pressure medicine...or is supposed too. He told me
yesterday when I told him the pharmacy called saying that his medicine was due to be refilled...and I told them that he
had plenty...they said he must not be taking it everyday? When I asked him about that, he says he is taking it every other
day...instead....some other medicine he is taking every other day too...he does not want to take them both at the same
time. I am not sure if that is a good thing. But he apparently has been doing it for a while..

I told him I would ride to pick it up on Monday....

Monday will be my last PT appointment if I keep it. I may just cancel it too.....

I am doing ok doing it myself...which by the way...I should go do....
before I forget.

I will touch base again soon.