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2017-11-25 20:46:48 (UTC)

Christmas is coming


Yes, Christmas is coming... I can now finally say that because I have decorated our Christmas tree. It was a little bit of work but then I was happy with the result. I asked my husband if we were going to buy small gifts for Christmas and he said that might be possible.

I had a nice morning with my mother and my daughter at the mall. In fact, we stayed there until 2.30 p.m. I bought the secret santa present that my daughter is responsible for next Friday at school. Also, I bought a lipstick and a perfume (mine are finishing). I didn't want to spend this sort of money but I needed to. I ended up buying the same perfume and lipstick. I am usually like that... I like to have the brands that I like although I would be happy with another colour of lipstick and another perfume as well. All in good time. Here things are so expensive.

After the mall, my mother stayed here for an hour and then went home. Tomorrow, my parents are coming here once again. I thought I would miss my parents but then I am always with them... ha ha ha

I am in a good mood today and I hope to continue like that. Of course, I am a bit tired but then I am used to feeling this way. The difference is I am not depressed.

This coming week is the last one my daughter will have at school. Hopefully, it will go quickly because I need to sleep a bit more in the mornings as I get up so early everyday to take her to school. I can't wait to have my holidays. It means I won't have to cook so early and I will be able to do things when I want to.

I forgot to mention that is grey and it is drizzle. I am happy it is not so hot. However, I would like a better weather because we are practically in the summer time.

Well, good energy and lots of peace for us all.