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2017-11-24 23:46:12 (UTC)

Thanksgiving Celebratiions

Mood: tired but content
Song: Talk me down by Troye Sivan
Color: Orange

So i know that thanks giving was yesterday but my family did it's celebrating today.
Robert and Jackie and the Kids came and it wasn't as bad as i had anticipated at all.... i was nervous for good reason but it was one of those things that the reality wasn't as bad as you imagined it to be....which i am thankful for.

Robert was nice, casual and we acted like version of ourselves that we once were...for a moment or two just working seamlessly together talking and forgetting the past and the present and the world and just enjoying a few moments together as siblings like we used to.
I was naturally guarded and i think maybe he was too...but we didn't fight.
there was a brief bringing up of me blocking him on facebook and us not talking...but that subject was quickly changed which was a good thing and that could have made a good day go down hill fast.
They left a little bit ago, they were here hanging out for several hours today.
I am now up in my room changed into comfy clothes listening to music and writing while eating a bit of the left over cheese cake.
I'm thinking about why Robert wanted to come up for a second time to my room(after the anitial tour....) to see it and said he wanted to see what i had, i think he wanted to see who i was now.
He said my room was bare....
i showed him the extra room where my books and cameras and stuff are....which he approved of...ha.
he said i had it made here.... hmmm

I don't know we didn't really discuss anything serious we talked more about the past than the present.
We took a harry potter house quiz and he like me is a Gryffindor.
We joked around and laughed a bit.
But in the end we are still basically strangers, we are siblings i love him he loves me, but we don't talk, we don't really know each other any more and there are things that we aren't going to compromise on...so we are at an Impasse.

Over all it was a good day, i loved getting to spend the time with my family that i did.
I love them all...so much.