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2017-11-24 21:47:59 (UTC)

The day after

So, this morning, I had a PT appointment but did not feel much like going. It was at 9:00am. So, I called and cancelled it. I told them I would do
that stuff here at home today. And that is what I did.

My son was here and got up early. I asked him if he wanted me to cook him some breakfast, he was getting ready to leave. Said the crew
is heading to a two day race and he had to get to the garage and help load up that race car. He asked me to fill out a deposit slip for the bank. He wanted to deposit that 1000 dollar bonus he is so proud of. We talked a little before he left. He was glad he got to see me cause he had thought I would be gone to PT this morning. It was good to talk to him too. He is so grateful and always so caring. I hope they win those races this weekend....those guys bust their tails all season trying to win. They are a bunch of good people too. Proud as hell of him....

I woke up this morning after a of those that feel so real....I woke up knowing I needed to call my foster mother...the feeling
was so real and urgent. I wanted to be sure she was ok after thanksgiving...did she need me to come over and help clean up or bring
her something.....I just wanted to check on her real bad. I woke up reaching for my phone....and it took a few seconds to realize that
she has been passed a long time. She was born in 1910. It was a odd feeling. I never spent a holiday without being in touch or there
with was like I was feeling guilty for missing one.....but then I walked into the kitchen and there was my son....and we begain
our talk.....

after he left I remember that voice I heard last night....the dream....and the morning talk....

not everything goes the way I want it....but I am very thankful and blessed in many other ways....

I got a few things done today. Not much to do. But I did get things ready for my Physical Therapy...and I did it
on my table....I did not cheat....I used a timer and counted every move and left none out. I took a pain pill right
before and was glad of it later....

Feeling much better today.....

thank you very much for the kind words.....