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2017-11-24 07:48:20 (UTC)

List of Lyrics

Mood: Distracting myself
Song: Talk me down by Troye Sivan
Color: Maroon.

Here are some lyrics from songs that i really like, lyrics that may describe how i feel or just something that speaks to me in some way or another.

"But i wanna sleep next to you, and that's all i wanna do right now,
And i want to come home to you, but home is just a room full of
my safest sounds, So come over now and talk me down."
-Talk me down by Troye Sivan

"I've been Hollywood i've been to redwood I've crossed the ocean for
a heart of gold and i'm getting old, I've been in my mind, it's such a fine
line that keeps me searching for a heart of gold, and i'm getting old"
-Heart of Gold by Neil Young

"It comes and goes in waves, It always does, it always does, we watch as
our young hearts fade into the flood, Freedom falling! The feeling i thouught
was set in stone slips through my fingers trying hard to let go, it comes and
goes in waves, it comes and goes in waves, and carries us away"
- Waves by Dean Lewis

"My mind is a house all covered in lyrics They're all over the place there's
songs on the mirrors, written all over the floors, all over the chairs and you
get the uncut version of life when i go down stairs, That where i write when
i'm in a bad place and need to release and let out the version of me you
don't want to see"
-Mansion by NF

" I'm above the below and below the upper, i'm stuck in the middle where
money get's tight but i guess i'm doing alright."
-Alright by Jo Dee Messina

"Old picture on a shelf, it's been there for a while frozen image of ourselves
We were acting like a child, innocent and in trance, a dance that lasted for
a while"
-Winter by Sister Hazel

"Well the night rolls on like a long lost friend till the sunrise bleeds like the
bitter end don't let me be lonely. well there's nothing to hide and nothing to
prove, Give me all that you are you've got nothing to lose just don't let me be
lonely No don't let me be lonely.
So don't let me be, let me be, let me be lonely tonight while we're young and
alive take the keys to my heart and the keys to my car and just drive.
When your young life's a dream it's a beautiful and a burning thing, we grow up
and it's gone but the memory goes on and on and on."
-Don't let me be lonely by the Band Perry.

"Today i wanna turn your skies from grey to blue and if it rains on you i'll be your
coat, I dream on, i dream about what can i do to make you feel alright? baby
i don't want to see you cry, i wanna see you smile"
-Smile by R5

Just a few.