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2017-11-24 06:31:48 (UTC)

Nerves and Messes of memories

Mood: Anxious
Song: I found By Amber Run
Color: Maroon

I'm Nervous about Tomorrow....well officially today as of 9 minutes ago.
I haven't seen Robert in well longer than 8 months because that was the last time we spoke and we didn't part well.
But do we ever? have we ever since he was 18?
The past 9 years have been specifically rough...since Emma was born.
I don't know how to get along with him.

We used to be close.
Really close when we were kids i would have said i was closet to him.
gosh the memories that are running through my mind....i can't even.

i wish that things were different.
But they aren't and tomorrow is going to be an interesting day.
But we are all ready and set up and mom really wants it to be special.
So for her i will do everything in my power to make the day go well and be a good experience.