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2017-11-24 01:50:07 (UTC)

Thanksgiving 10 minutes at a time

Since I can not stand for more than 10 minutes at a time, It was a chore to cook dinner this year. Started yesterday and finished up
today. Things turned out ok. I was disappointed with the 30 dollar cheesecake. I think I will someday attempt making one myself.
Everything turned out good. He did not like the potato salad and said "I do not want to sound mean, but the potato salad is not very
good". Seriously? My son ate his portion and said everything was great....I was ok with it. But of course I did not make it just like he had salad cubes in it....dill ones. So, he said he tasted vinegar. Whatever....

I let him clean up the kitchen.

I have only been able to stand or do anything that involves walking or standing but 10 or so minutes at a time. I started out the day
good...after getting out of bed, but after that, it is 10 minutes at a time. I go to PT tomorrow and I will ask them what they think about
this...since it is getting worse.....

I really need one of those electric motorized chairs. I find it hard to believe that there is not a place that they can be rented??
However, I will check rent-a-center tomorrow...before I start talking about buying one. I hate this but it has come to this
and I have to do something.

I feel ok. It did not even bother me he did not like the PS. I think everything else turned out real good. I won't have to cook
for a couple days....and I am delighted about that. Need to back away from the kitchen anyway. I hate to know how many
pounds I have gained.....time to get back on track.

I was standing in front of the sink the window in the kitchen. I heard a voice that sounded very much like my son...
saying "hey mom"? I turned around to see what he wanted and he was not there. No one was. I walked into his room and ask
what it was he wanted? He did not know what I was saying. It was not him. I walked into the den and ask my husband if
he said it or maybe something on TV...nothing. Oh hell.

One of my Guardian Angels tying to tell me something.......not sure what....but they have my attention.