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2017-11-23 08:09:23 (UTC)

What are you most thankful for?

Mood: Ah weird
Song: My friend Playing the Guitar on the phone with me.... " Here with Us"
Color: Pink

Thanksgiving day the wee hours of the morning where the night owls are up and wide awake.
But here as it is the Day of Thankfulness here are the things that i am most thankful for in No particular order except for the fist 5

1. God.
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Faith
5. Laughter
6. Hope
7. Home
8. Being from a Free country.
9. technology
10. Drawing
11. Creativity
12. Belief
13. Fantasy
14. Chap Stick
15. Quality Time
16. Memories
17. Good deep conversations.
18. Writing.
19. Peace of mind.
20. Change.
21. The people that have invested in my life and helped make me who i am.
22. Music
23. Being able to learn new things every day.
24. Loyalty.
25. Character.
26. Lessons Learned.
27. Sacrifice.
28. Time.
29. Health.
30. Books...stories...Escapes.
31. The Even weather.
32. Photography.
33. Polaroids.
34. Coffee....with my new fancy coffee creamers.
35. Fairy lights.
36. Family Traditions.
37. My Car, and being able to Drive.
38. Being able to let things go.
39. Chocolate.
40. Art.
41. Travel.
42. Movies
43. Being able to Teach people.
44. Having my own space.
45. Having a purpose in life.
46. my parents teaching me to do basic things in life like cook, change a tire, sew ect.
47. Comfort foods.
48. Clothes you feel confident in.
49. Perfume.
50. Health.
51. Brave
52. Being bolder than i once was.
53. Pen pals.
54. My senses
55. Being happy when your friend is happy.
56. Happy Endings.
57. C. S. Lewis.
58. Childhood Innocents.
59. Forgiveness.
60. Joy.
61. Levi.
62. Being alive.
63. Sunsets
64. Being From Oklahoma.
65. To have experienced other country's and cultures and seen many beautiful places and people.

My Friend B's List of things that she's thankful for as we are on the phone discussing this.

1. Shay
2. Trysta
3. The courage to do things I've never done before.
4. The ability to Block someone
5. My family
6. All the Real Friends that i have.
7. Still Being alive.
8. Jesus Christ.
9. The growth I've had spiritually and mentally this year.
10 The memories I've had this year.
11. The occasional Cigarettes
12. Bonds that will never be Broken.
13. The Gift of music. (playing, listening being able to give it and take it in)
14. Freedom.
15. Chocolates.
16. Blankets.
17. Art.
18. Technology.
19. Non Diary Ice Cream
20. Snap Chat
21. OYAN
22. Clean Water.
25. Forgiveness

what are you most thankful for?