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2017-11-23 01:57:06 (UTC)

You can use Sage if you want too

As soon as I hit SAVE entry...on my last entry....he pulled into the driveway from work. He walked into the kitchen and said
"honey, if you have found a recipe for dressing that you would rather use, you do whatever you want too...I am ok with a little
bit of sage...I just do not like too much". It was like someone read my post and called him and told him what I had said.

I have already prepped my dinner for tomorrow. I was so tired and feet aching so bad I had to leave the room...and get my feet
up. Tomorrow should not be so bad since I do not really have much to do....most of it is already started....and not a lot left
that requires standing on my feet for hours....

My son came home saying he got a bonus today from his boss. He had not opened the envelope yet....and did it right in front
of me.....his boss gave him a bonus check for 1000,00 !! LOL. I am so proud of him. He will be a supervisor soon.....

I was kidding him and said "you told me if you got a big bonus check, you were going to give it too me son..."
That boy reached into the envelope and handed me or tried to hand me his check.....I told him I was kidding...
and no way I would take his bonus. Sweet as hell son.....sweet.....