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2017-11-22 21:11:55 (UTC)

One dish at a time

I hate this damn holiday....
The only thing that worked for me today was the new Kitchen Aid Mixer that has been in the box sitting behind the sofa for at least three damn
years...never opened. He promised me a new kitchen to use it in, so suggested I wait to use it till then since we do not have a lot space in there. Since then, I did get a top of the line food processor which takes up some room too, but I love it and I found a spot for it....I love that thing. And today, I opened that mixer and set it on the counter. Oh my goodness,....I made sweet potato casserole using it....I made two pans of cornbread for the, I have used it three times, washed it and set it back out overtime. It is wonderful. Oh yeah, I made two chocolate chess pies I have all that made.
I boiled over a dozen eggs and have a pot of potatoes cooking now for the potato salad.

So, tomorrow...I boil the chicken and debone it, saving the broth and throw together the cornbread dressing....I made giblet gravy for that.
I cook green beans in the crock pot, make deviled eggs, and open a can of cranberry is in refrigerator....
So, I am tired as hell. Had to take a break in between dishes....or things I cooked.

My son ordered a game chair and it come today. I had ordered some shoes and they come I have these boxes.....
which my husband does not like putting on the road with the label that has our name and address on have these boxes to
get rid of, olus the one the mixer came in....all big. I want to throw then on the road, but he is such a tight ass about it....I am gonna put
them n the garage...he can burn them some day.....

I would have cooked the dressing like Trish Yearwood...I had everything I needed, but he had to stick his head in the door
last night and remind me not to out SAGE in it cause he HATES, that ruined that dish. I will make it the way he
does....salt and pepper. No other seasonings....

I can not enjoy anything.....I can not plan and do things the way I want them.....

the yard looks so horrible. I do not want anyone to come here. The only thing missing is a bunch of junk cars....and a
bull dog chained to the door. I hate it.

And no one is coming here for this holiday....and I am already dreading Christmas.