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2017-11-21 21:42:53 (UTC)

Pills are for pain

So they said today to me ....

So, instead of breaking them in half, I am taking a whole one. On my second one today.
But it did help me with physical therapy this morning. But when it wore off, I was in
big I just took another one.

He told me that I should take them so I am not hobbling along and avoiding my exercises
cause it is important to be up and about and to do the exercises. Take the pain pills so
I can do all that....instead of laying around moaning and groaning with ice packs....doing
nothing. It made sense. Yeah, it did.

So, I will do this for this week to see how things progress. When it gets time to back off
from the pills, I will. They make me sick as a dog and I am eating more when taking them.
But today was brutal. I am hoping doing what the PT man says will work. I am getting
very discouraged. And sick of the grocery trip outings where I lose it and need help
getting to my car. That should,d not be happening....and I did take a half of one that day...
so....makes sense.

I have steaks in the oven and baking potato. Salad ready to throw in bowls. Today is
his birthday... at the store today....If you spend at least 35 bucks, you got a ham or
turkey for 4 bucks. I brought home a ham. It is a big one too. Price on it was 18 bucks,
But I got it for 4 bucks., This might mean no turkey legs this year.....

I was bitten by a spider or something today also. AGAIN!!! This house is full of
critters that like the way I taste. It is that simple...

My son came home early today and we sat here talking for a while. I am so lucky.
He is the best thing ever. He told me about kicking this guys ass.....and.I told him
about kicking a woman's ass a few years ago....he was proud I can take care of
myself....and visa versa.
We are just alike....

I told him about my PREACHER MAN STALKER....he was glad to know in case I
come up missing. Which I told him I would not be the one missing....and we
laughed ......



Pills are for pain....but they sure make you loopy....huh?