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2017-11-21 05:16:44 (UTC)


Mood: Okay
Song: Build it better by Aron wright
Color: Peach

It's about my Twin Brother who was killed December 12th of 1994
Who i think about all the time.
think about what could have been and think about our Biological parents and just all these things that i can't change...but still i wonder.
I can't help but wonder and day dream and wish i have since i was a kid....i don't imagine it will ever stop.


I have incurable happy day dreams
But still my rational mind screams
There's nothing left to hope for

I imagine growing up twins together
Through life's stormy and fair weather
The time we should have had.

I imagine seeing your face
The missing pieces falling into place
who would you have become?

I imagine living with you alive
No empty seat when i drive
Not being the odd one out.

I imagine us talking all night
with the occasional time we'd fight.
But we would have each other.

I imagine fairy tale fable endings
with lessons learned and wound mending's
where love changed my broken soul.

I Imagine us reunited again someday
When life's over and all's okay
I feel you waiting for me.

I have incurable happy day dreams
Where all isn't as it seems.
And i have something to hope for.