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2017-11-21 04:00:45 (UTC)

Monday slow moving

It was partly a good day. I went to the insurance office and took care of the supplemental insurance today. I stopped in at Ultra too
and picked up some bare minerals and a new concealer along with a new brush. I will not wear that other make up anymore; it looks
ridiculous. So, Back to Bare Minerals. I stopped in at Subway and brought home a sub for lunch. MY feet were aching like crazy
by the time I got here. When the mail came, I finally got my medicare card. But after signing up for the supplement for December, It will just carry over to Jan so I won't have to go back...but should get a new card in Dec just like everyone else....

I keep ice on my foot and knee all afternoon on and off. We had left overs today. I cleaned out the refrigerator. Made a new list
of things I need from the grocery store for stuff to cook on Thursday, I am realizing that I am unable to go into the store and walk
around too long. Just doing what I did today was too much. So, I am giving him the list and he can bring the stuff home from
work tomorrow.

I go to PT in the morning. Early appointment. I am hurting too. Gained some weight back. They are going to kill me in there tomorrow.
I have not been doing hardly anything at home...especially when I am n so much pain....hoping I will be ready to do something in
the morning. I have a 1pm appointment next week...they will be able to see how hard of a day I have when I show up that late.
I can do nothing. I can not stand long, can not walk long. Can not drive long. I am a mess.

Going on three months since the surgery. That woman who had her a week after me is basically back to normal now. She is
going great. So, that tells me 100 % that something is not right with this.

Hard.....on me.