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2017-11-19 23:18:03 (UTC)

Famous last words

Mood: Thoughtful
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Color: Blue

I've seen people on the verge of death, seen people die, been around people just after their death before anything is done...
seen how literally that we as people have souls and how it is obvious that once death has come that the soul is no longer in the body, how the life and everything that goes with it is now gone.
How we are a soul with a body on it, not a body with a soul in it.
I was thinking about last moments, last words, last breathes and how beautiful those moments can be....how heart breakingly sad they can be as well...
Watched people who just go from a state much like sleep to no more.....
or people that labor for every breathe and hang on until the last possible second clinging to the only life they've ever known.
How some people go with last words that are beautiful or wise because they know that it's coming.
and others go quickly without a warning of how precious time really was.

There are people as i said before that i have seen close to death or dying.....the one's who know and the one's who don't and their words are burned into my memory both bitter and beautiful.
But then i think of the people i know that have passed on that i didn't get last words with.... that i didn't get to see.
and i think of then....the last conversation i had with them and while it's not a bed side goodbye that we all wish to have for closure.... in many way's it's even more beautiful than that...because it's just life and living and talking and loving and there wasn't the threat of a coming goodbye or worrying you won't say the right thing because this could be it.
My last conversation with Gene, was a good one, it was a mending of fences and it was of loving and caring about each other that would never go away despite all the things that have happened....i'm glad i mended that relationship when i did....because that would be the last conversation i would have with him.... the last of to many for me to be able to count.