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2017-11-19 19:53:09 (UTC)

Kim, Ares and a Sunday

Mood: Content, Warm.
Song: Waves by Dean Lewis
Color: Green

it's been a really Good day thus far, i slept in like 10 minutes later than i meant to though...cause i woke up 30 minutes before my alarm and i shut it off content to just lay there until it was time for me to get up and i ended up dozing back off and waking up 10 minutes after my alarm and it was really hard for me to drag myself out of my bed.
But once i did get up i got ready for the day while talking to Karl.
Made some food for the dinner today and then went to church.
After i hung out with Kim and Ares and just laughed and had fun...and my heart was full I love them a lot.
They are people i'm really glad i know...glad i gave a chance too.
Ares acts so much like a little brother to me.....which makes my heart ache a little bit when i think about it that way... i should have had a little brother...maybe i'm seeing what it might have been like. I don't know.
Either way....it's bitter sweet spending time with him.

It's Sunday and it's Almost Thanksgiving so here are the things that i'm thankful for.

1. Friends old and new.
2. Good and happy moments even when life is sad or crazy and stressful...even with bad things going on in the background.
3. Chances.
4. Faith
5. Hope
6. God.
7. Family
8. Music that speaks to the soul.
9. Poetry.
10. Weirdly warm weather for November.(Cold in the mornings and evenings but hot in the afternoon)
11. Time
12. Encouragement
13. Creativity.
14. Sleep.
15. Peace
16. Day dreams
17. Health
18. Internet
19. Writing
20. The holiday's
21. The chance to start again with a new day.
22. Love
23. Laughter
24. Coffee
25. Memories