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2017-11-18 21:40:20 (UTC)

Cleaning the oven?

After the sweet potato squeezed through the foil and dripped onto the bottom of my oven making a horrible smell and mess, I thought
today would be a good day to turn on that clean oven button. Too late to turn back once I pressed it. I did not take out the racks, which
is a no no because from the youtube video I watched 4 hours later when the button buzzed; but the door was still locked...I thought I
had broken it. The clip said take the racks out first to avoid a fire. A FIRE!!! LOL. Which is a hoot since I left for a while and told my son
how to cut off the power to the range if it caught on fire; I was just trying to be funny and freak him out a little.

When I returned home, it smelled like a fire for real. I had to lite doors, windows fans were turned on too.

After hearing the buzz to alert me that it was done, the door would not open. That is why I watched the clip. Of course I have no
idea where the manual is. The range is not old at all. Matter a fact it has a confection oven too and I have no idea how when or
why would use it. Maybe one day I will watch a clip about that.

My trip out and about today consisted of a couple short trips into the store. I was not able to stay long in either place. Very
uncomfortable and painful today. I am wondering how much longer will I be like this? It never stops.

I used the cane all day even when I was at home.

I was wearing my Wendy Williams SATURDAY top with a black skirt. I changed into the skirt because crops/pants are too tight and
cause pain; although they are not really tight...I do not dress that way. I was going to wear a short boots but ended up wearing
short white socks and white crop/tennis shoes. I had on a black leather Moto jacket. I noticed every where I went the women
were looking at me. I bet they have never seen a woman may age dressed that way. Maybe. I almost thought my hem to the
skirt was stuck in my panties or something and they were just looking not saying anything,. Several of them did speak to me...
it was like they were talking to a old friend they had not seen in a while....someone they liked...."How are you doing today"?
" Nice day we are having hope you are having a good one" or one lady smiled at me....for a long time, I was expecting to
hear some words...and finally she said "hello".....

Now was it the goofy outfit? Did I look ridiculous? Or did I look alright? In my car I was thinking I should have just asked
one of them...."do I look silly wearing these shoes with this". "My cane don't match my outfit"

We always think of clever comebacks on the way home.....

But I had to get back to clean the oven.....

It still smells like a chemical fire in here.