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2017-11-17 17:30:54 (UTC)

Friday end of the week

I was happy to get up this morning in less pain and able to walk around without much difficulty. I did some exercises and then started
cleaning areas in short timespans, sitting and resting in between times. I have most things completed that I had on my list,
I can take it easy....the crockpot will be housing dinner for tonight...and the aroma of home cooking will be in the air.

I talked to my daughter through a text asking her how things were going. We discussed Thanksgiving. She wanted to know if I wanted to
come there or even go to a restaurant? I got on line to see what places were serving thanksgiving dinner on that day...and found a couple
places to give some thought. Although the one place I would love to go is too expensive for me to pay for 7 people to eat...That would be
close to 400 bucks. Shit. Cracker Barrel is open though. Might be a better choice. We will talk about it later to decide. She may be
saying that she is cooking, I could come there or I and her brother could go to a restaurant....I may have got it wrong.

I do not want anyone coming here. Same ole same ole...the yard looks like the house was abandoned by white trash people....
that is not exsagerating it either. I am ok with no one ever coming here. I have almost got use to it and expect it. The thought of a car
pulling into the driveway would probably bring on a panic attack.

Anyway.....I will be sitting back and taking things slow today....

Everyone here is working....dinner will be ready when they return...
I feel like I am running a bed and breakfast minus the breakfast.
LOL. Sometimes.