The Girl With 4 Scars

The Girl With 4 Scars
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2017-11-17 13:20:55 (UTC)

What is wrong with me? lol

So, the one cashier at work, i thought,i didn’t have a crush on anymore. Was working tonight.

it’s so weird. I can, NOT, think about him AT ALL, and then, the minute, i see him, I get nervous, and i feel awkward when he looks at me. makes my stomach turn and gives me butterflies, i want to talk to him, but, i also want to hide, and not have him look at me.

how weird is that??

like, last night, at work
I could tell that he wantyou e to say and chat maybe. I suddenly, became, aware of this, when I saw him walking towards me, and i startedto panick.

what, could , he possibly want to talk to me about???

i started, talking, to one of my associates i work with now. i could see he wanted to talk. he looked rather disappointed, when i quickly started talking to her.

i smiled a little when he wakes by. but he looked disappointed. :(

ugh, what is wrong with me ?? i could see he wanted to talk to me and yet i chickened out, and kind of blew him off :/

uggh. i hate myself sometimes.