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2017-11-17 06:27:52 (UTC)

The Deal

Mood: Tired.
Song: Somewhere only we know By Keane
Color: Green.

"The Deal"

I think we're both jaded by first love's that just faded.
Scared to death of anything out side our comfort zone.

Winter is almost here sweetly sour and i shed a tear.
Bitterly beautiful and we both always get chilled to the bone.

We've got fear to beat together light a match and conserve heat.
Phoenix Birds rising from the ashes flames melted hearts of stone.

Not lying or a joke all the honest words that i spoke.
Honey please why can't you hear the sincerity in my tone?

Lets you and i make a deal to become something real
By the end of the year if we're both still all alone.